R E V I E W ↪ A Pizza My Heart by Teagan Hunter



“I’d rather not put my hard dick on display on our first date. I don’t think that’s going to earn me many points.”I lift a shoulder. “Depends on how big it is.”

I feel so many things. Him. Me. Us. I feel…”Everything.”

↪ R E V I E W ↩

Not my first read by author, one of favorites! The blurb on this is what caught my eye first then the amazing beautiful cover, also there is food in the cover…so duhhh!
What a start, haha all I will say is that ‘she was at least legal’ that’s all!! I loved the way Wren picks up with Foster when she sees him again at her family’s pizza place she currently is helping out in. Just like the old time…the main word being old. Wren is grown up and has a lot of baggage that may be behind but still there. Foster has also grown up, physically of course men don’t age well mentally 😉 I say this when you read it you’ll understand but also because Foster is Wren’s older brother best friend, so naturally he always picked on her when they were younger NOT to mention kind of just disappeared 6 years ago. So will make sense! So here they both are, back where it all started! Literally!

Then comes the greatest plan of them all…after all famous last words but WHAT CAN GO WRONG!? I will have to say that ouch…what Layla did…man that’s probably so realistic and true in real…that’s why this story, plot, characters and the words seem SO REAL! This is a SLOWWW BURN baby, slow and steady! When it does come to the burn…it burns big and bright!! You will most definitely know this is a Teagan Hunter book because of her words and snark and humor in it.

From the Book:”Do you feel my fingers on your body?” He kisses my neck again. “My lips against your soft-as-sin skin?”

That said, this book was a emotional ride. Even though a lot of laughs and fun, there is a depth to it that will bring out every other emotion too. Glad Foster didn’t choke on that chicken tender! It’s a very realistic, sweet and yummy story! Show’s how two people are meant for one another but took a long road to merge into one. Just plain beautiful!!


Rating: ★★★★★

Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Recommended? ☑ HIGHLY

↪ H A P P Y – R E A D I N G ↩

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