R E V I E W ↪ Broken With You by J. Kenner

He’s Jack Sawyer. I’m Denise Marshall. And never the twain shall meet.

Because damned if he didn’t want her. If he hadn’t wanted her form the first moment he’s seen her. And the hunger for her was only getting stronger with each passing minute.

↪ R E V I E W ↩

Not my first read by author, one of my very first reads & also a HUGE FAVORITE AUTHOR of mine. I have read almost every single book she has written!!
Now this, this is a work of J. Kenner. It’s the best way to describe it. If you’re a die hard fan of hers like me, you’ll understand. For you new readers, well J. Kenner has a voice when she writes so to say and that voice you would recognize in any book you read. And this one right off the bat you can tell. Her writing alone will have you hooked then she’ll line and sink you in with her characters and plots!

The beginning will have you wrecked, the words so vivid just as if you were the hero himself. The lost, the confusion…heartbreaking! What’s more heart wrenching is that he dreams of HER with the green eyes and golden hair but does not know her. After an accident (we will call it an accident for now) he has found himself to not even know who HE is yet alone everyone around him. Heck even the surroundings. He has flash backs of bits and pieces of recent and previous life but nothing that will stick for now.

Denise is in for a shock when she finally gets to see her husband Mason who clearly doesn’t recognize her or who he is fully for that matter. What Denise thought would be a ‘I’ve got this, I’m a trained specialist’ turned into one of the hardest things in her life. I mean how do you act or talk to the husband whom you love from the bottom of your soul, but he doesn’t remember you..or your time together, the kisses, the touches. All this and she can’t even tell him his name. That gutted me their meeting, watch out for all the emotions to appear!
Now she must work side by side with the man she loves, the man who doesn’t know who she is. Gah, guys this was a painful one. Considering Denise is a highly trained agent and has been through worse but how do you cope with having your husband near but yet so far away. Be prepared for a lot of heartbreak, action, passion and mystery along with secrets that come out. A story of love and lost, danger and memories. The ending, be prepared!! I do have to say, this is book 2 in the series and it officially is my absolute favorite! The depth of this story is insane! J. Kenner killed it with this one!!


Rating:★★★★★ Plus

Steamy: ♨♨♨♨

Recommended? ☑ HIGHLY!

↪H A P P Y – R E A D I N G↩


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