R E V I E W ↪ Vow Of Sacrifice by Emma Renshaw


She fled from the depths of hell, her life barely in tact. Iris is finally living a peaceful life away from all that she fears. She’s ready to come out of hiding and start living again. He walked away from a life no one is supposed to escape. Callan’s been looking over his shoulder for the past two years. There’s a reason they say the mafia is for life. Now, in a new city, and as the guardian of his sister, he has the chance to create a life he can be proud of. Iris’s world is rocked off its axis when she meets her new neighbor with turquoise eyes and a protective streak a mile wide. Soon the chemistry between them sparks to life and it’s not long before passion consumes them. But their pasts are never too far away… When those he loves the most are threatened, will the cost of his sacrifice be his own life?

Coming: June 11th


“I can’t believe I’ve already made the date awkward.””Getting a peek at your skin isn’t awkward. You’re the best view I’ve seen all damn day.”If you looked down and saw mt dick pointing straight at you, that might make it awkward.

He points at me when the song claims “You’re my girl” and winks.
His starched white shirt is falling from his shoulders, exposing his taut, golden arms. I squirm in my chair.

“Are you going to kiss me?” He stands to his full height once again, gazing at my lips. “Yeah, birdie. I’m going to kiss you.”

↪ R E V I E W ↩

Not my first read by author, she was a NEW to me author last year but so far I have read every book in this series, so my excitement for this is crazy! Been waiting for it very much!!
Okay first of SWOON CITY is what I will call this book! Broody, alpha, hard..GAH, Callan is dreamy, he is the perfect alpha…where Iris is this tiny little thing with her big eyes as Callan calls her. The story starts of painful, beware, not a trigger to me but for some it might be. Breaks my heart every time, Iris was just being a wife as she vowed to me. Her husband, is an evil man, oh so evil. When Iris finally manages to escape, or so she thinks, she has moved back to her home city. Where she meets Callah in a not so sweet way, actually she meets him with him yelling her ears off.

Callan couldn’t believe that a tiny beautiful creature with big eyes belongs to someone named Iris. He expected his new neighbor to be a 50 year old lady. What is the funniest, Iris doesn’t cuss but uses food to compensate. It’s a lot of fun i promise. These two are like night and day but opposites attract right?! Callan’s sister is an amazing character, you will love her and her little story! All the side characters here (obviously the previous book ones are included) are great, new and old for sure.

When Iris finally settles in, she crashes into Callah…literally! Callan isn’t sure what to make of Iris, she is skittish, quiet and reserved. From his previous life, he is used to woman who wanted the same as him…an easy release. Iris is a whole new game for him, he wants to keep playing. I love their interactions, Iris is skittish and shy but Callen brings out the sassy and cute side of her. I love that he no matter what promises to never hurt her and is so gentle yet understanding. When you throw a teenage-girl in the mix, a lot of fun, adventure and excitement happens. I will touch up briefly on the sexy scenes…YES YES YESS! I loved them in each book and this one was no different, you get steamy, sexy and romantic!!
Past lives collide with present and threaten future. Callah is the perfect protector and Iris learns what it feels to be cherished and loved. And everything in between, just happens. The ending was very hard, I about cried my eyes out holding hope. The plot is great, the previous characters that make a visit are perfect. That said, I would recommend reading the whole series but reading just this, was enough for me. You get both POV’s and the words…guys, Emma knows how to write romance well!! p.s. I stayed up till 1:30am because well I couldn’t put this book down and I needed to know! #thestruggleisreal


Rating: ★★★★★

Steamy: ♨♨♨♨♨

Recommended? ☑ HIGHLY!

↪H A P P Y – R E A D I N G↩

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