R E V I E W ➠ Flutter by Carrie Aarons


He can’t stand her, and best believe, the feeling is mutual.
Her life is the complete opposite of what he desires.
So, why can’t they keep their hands off each other?

Forrest Nash is a smug know-it-all. With his brains, ridiculous good looks and penchant for disobeying the laws of both the police and the dark web, Fawn Hill’s resident genius is cockier than any man Penelope Briggs has ever encountered. It doesn’t help that their six-year age difference makes him completely ineligible in her eyes. Add in the fact that he doesn’t want marriage or babies, and that should eliminate him from the dating pool forever. But it doesn’t mean she can’t sleep with him. Once. Or twice. Or ten times. Against all logic, though, Forrest seems to be sneaking into her heart at the same time he’s sneaking into her bed.

Penelope Briggs is one bossy, obnoxious woman. With three young children, a calendar full of school drop-offs and sports, and enough emotional baggage to fill an airplane, this widow is definitely not what Forrest Nash is looking for. And yet, he can’t get enough of the maddening bombshell. But as their hook-ups become a constant, so does his involvement in Penelope’s life. The things he swore he never wanted, love and kids, seem to be the only things on his mind. And when an attack from his part of the cyber world threatens her safety, he’ll have to admit his feelings for the woman he’d do anything to protect.

What started as a convenient friends-with-benefits situation is quickly growing wings. Even if both parties are trying hard to ignore the flutter.

Release Date: July 11, 2019

“Funny, that’s not what you were saying the night of Keaton’s wedding. So, after I’m done with my deep dive on the computer system, maybe I can stop by the nurse’s office and do a deep dive on your network?”

Penelope is my taste, and now I want the entire restaurant. -Forrest

⇨ R E V I E W ⇦

Not my first read by author and I have read all in this series, I was a bit skeptical about Forrest’s story only because it involves a younger hero (him) and the heroine is not only older but a widow mom.

Sometimes it’s hard for me to connect when the hero is younger because if immaturity is involved, I get turned off a story BUT luckily my fears were put to rest…Forrest might be younger but the very much sexy, handsome and big hero. That said, Forrest is a Cop and Penelope is a high school nurse. Penelope lost her husband and became a young widow with three growing boys. Never easy but when she shacked up with Forrest at his brother’s wedding, well let’s just say that even didn’t give light of him in her eyes. She really hates his arrogant and cocky ways, hates everything about him but can’t deny the way he connects with her body! It’s a struggle, for real!

Forrest has had a crush on Penelope for many many years and when they first came together, it was like a dream came true for him. But, Penelope comes with a lot of baggage yes, lot’s of history, yes…will that stop Forrest? Hmmm!

Again, I was very surprised with myself how much I enjoyed this story, in spite of the whole age reverse difference. Both Forrest and Penelope run so deep, age doesn’t matter, when two souls come together. The pain, hurt and guilt Penelope carries are big. When they both come to an agreement to satisfy both of their wants and needs, when push comes to shove, Penelope isn’t really all keen about Forrest’s actions…even if she demanded it so. That’s where Penelope kind of annoyed me a little, i understand it from her point of view but it was persistent…like ‘we are fuck buddies and that’s that’ at all times. So you can say this is a enemy-to-lovers-romance for sure!

Forrest is corny, cocky and all male, not fully sure of himself yet but fully male. I really liked him as the hero, Penelope was a give and take for me to be honest. I enjoyed getting someone more of the previous book characters. All in all, I was pleasantly surprised I enjoyed this book, the ending I WAS NOT EXPECTING it at all, all in good of course. I am glad I got to see Forrest and Penelope’s story!

Rating: 4.5★
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥
Recommended: ☑
⇨ H A P P Y – R E A D I N G ⇦

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