R E V I E W ➠ This Is Wild by Natasha Madison

This Is Book #2



When you grow up surrounded by hockey players you know one thing for sure, I was never going to settle down with one.

Heck, I didn’t even know what icing was. I was too busy climbing the corporate ladder, becoming one of the most successful realtors in New York City.

I wasn’t interested in dating or anything that got in my way.

First, he was my client and then he became my friend.


My parents told me I skated before I walked.
When I was eighteen I was drafted into the N.H.L third overall, playing in Los Angeles—the city of dreams.
What more could I ask for? I played hard, but eventually, I partied even harder.

Five years later I was traded a week after I entered rehab.

There was no time for anything except my health and making sure I’d come out on top. I had to be better.
There wasn’t another option.

One of the rules of recovery was ‘don’t fall in love’ and I made it a top priority. She was off limits in every single way.

Until it was too late

One night, one decision, one act can derail everything.

When push comes to shove, I’m only certain that, This is Wild.

RELEASE DATE: July 30, 2019

I know he’s standing there, I can feel it, but I’m not going to go down this road. I can’t, end of story, no matter how much my heart is telling me to just try it.



-Victor’s Tattoo

⇨ R E V I E W ⇦

Not my first read by author & freaking loved book #1 very much, so I have been looking forward to this broken one, I say broken because I had a feeling it would bring out all the emotions out in me & I was right!

Viktor is fresh out of rehab and trying to get his life in order. First things first…find a place to live…that’s where Zoe comes in, a beautiful 24 year old that is very familiar with and around the hockey field, but a bad-ass realtor! Among other things like, smart, confident and funny! B U T wait till Viktor finds out there are two of each HAHA loved that scene!

Viktor is recovering and Zoe does not date hockey-players for a lot of reasons, the cross-road in that is that, when two people have chemistry things are bound to happen…but before that I have to say that MY HEART for Viktor, he is doing his best to stay clean and figure out how to continue living. I can only imagine the struggle especially after only being out of rehab for a little while. All jokes aside, this is a serious matter and the way the author pertained it, was amazing..i felt every single feeling. Oh and Jeffrey, you will love him!

Then Viktor does out to nip the bud in everything and basically calls her over to let her know that THEY CAN NOT DATE, that SHE CAN’T FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM but she’s hot and all but no way go, ever. Zoe, puts on her fakes smile and move on…right, not like she wanted to anyways….right?! So that’s how it goes, they both try to live on, ignore each other in any sexual possible way and of course try and joke with one another to keep it light, and of course hide their true feelings.

What an emotional ride WOW, I really fucking loved both characters, their struggles and the biggest heart that Zoe has, but hides her pain with being funny…this book really got me, I may or may not have shed a few tears more than once…but I won’t ever tell, hate to ruin my street-cred and all BUT god did I cry my eyes out in this book, not your traditional and you’ll see why! Natasha WHY WITH ALL THE FEELS….! Trigger: Addiction! 2 EPILOGUES!

I am warning you be prepared for the feelings, the on the edge must keep reading and the heartbreak…again, not your traditional but amazing in the same sense, it was just plain beautiful from all the angles!

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ PLUS!
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Recommended: ☑
⇨ H A P P Y – R E A D I N G ⇦

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