R E V I E W ➠ Unexpected Bond by Kaylee Ryan


Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, the universe decides to tilt your world on its axis.

I had a plan, and I was moving forward until the day my world was flipped upside down.

It’s a challenge I wasn’t prepared for, but one I had to face.

How do you combine the life you thought you had to the one you’re living?

One breath.
One second.
One minute.
One hour.
One day 

RELEASE DATE: December 19, 2019

The chemistry between us is electric, and for the first time in a hell of a long time, I want to feel it racing through my veins. I want Seth.


Not my first read by the author, & I have read the other’s in this series! This was definitely NOT what I expected and I mean that, I was surprised…usually I can manage to kind of tell because you get a little from the previous books for the next and…shocked!

Seth and Mara meet through mutual friends and continue talking for a while before Mara moves with her adorable little daughter. Now it’s all real to Seth and even though an earlier incident was a mistake…he plans to be ready for Mara and her adorable daughter who has already stolen his heart! What comes next is the part where I don’t want to say too much because it really would ruin the plot and story! I do have to mention that at 3% is a little trigger for me so I was very nervous to continue, that’s just me though, that specific trigger just kind of gets to me that said, I can’t say what because again it’s a huge part of the whole plot of the story and for someone who doesn’t have this trigger it will be a shock to find out right away. If you’re very curious, you can always contact me and we can talk about it otherwise I say that at the end, it all made sense of course but during the beginning stages I was nervous about it.

This is a highly emotional book, it involves a lot of aspects in which life throws at you, and would recommend you have tissues near by. Beautiful and heartbreaking in so many ways.

Rating: 4.5★
Romance: ♡♡♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥
Type: Book #4 of Series
Recommended: ☑
⇨ H A P P Y – R E A D I N G ⇦

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