R E V I E W ➠ Unbreakable by Melanie Harlow


In hindsight, I should not have had that fifth mimosa at Breakfast with Santa. 
Or the sixth, seventh, and eighth.
But my shame over the public meltdown that resulted was nothing compared to being abandoned by my husband of fifteen years for a much younger woman—and did I mention she’s pregnant?
For the sake of my children and my pride, I packed up and headed for my childhood home and the small town where I grew up. Cloverleigh Farms would be the perfect place for a fresh start.
Falling for Henry DeSantis wasn’t part of the plan.
Sure, he’s easy on the eyes and hard in the bedroom (also the hallway, the bathtub, and on top of his desk), but he’s newly divorced too, and things between us are moving so fast I’m afraid neither one of us has had enough time to heal. Not to mention the fact that I’m a single mom now—my kids have to come first.
But Henry makes me feel beautiful and sexy and wanted and strong—things I haven’t felt in years. We understand each other, and when I’m in his arms, I’m tempted to trust again. To love again. To let myself be loved without fear.
But deep down, I’m terrified.
Is this all too much, too soon? Or am I a fool to let a second chance at happily ever after pass me by?

RELEASE DATE: February 10, 2020

Make her feel brave and beautiful and sexy– all the things I saw when I looked at her.


“Hi. Come on in.” I moved aside so he could come into the house and caught the scent of his cologne as he passed by. My dormant lady parts tightened.

Not my first read by the author, she is one of my favorites as well as I have read the previous 3 books in this series & have devoured and loved every single one of them. I was extra excited about this one because as the oldest and married sister, who you get a little bit of a glimpse from the previous book in this series…something about a single-mom who is sassy, sweet and smart!

Sylvia is a woman that gave 15 years to a man and their children, when he up and leaves her for a younger woman who happens to also be pregnant, she makes a decision that will be right for both her and her two children. When she comes back it’s just like being back in her teens, she missed the smell, the vine yard..the people.

Henry has been working for the Sawyer Vine Yard for over 10 years and has no LOVES what he does. He is funny, geeky, very smart, handsome and sweet..with a secret hint of alpha (you’ll see) so when his wife leaves him without so as to an actual reason aside from what they have gone through…he is baffled and a little lost.

One night when Sylvia comes to see him, he is shocked at his feelings for her but must never voice them…after-all she is in the same divorce-train as him. One must want to step off that train to be able to move on, but when Sylvia becomes brave and makes a move…will he be able to keep his promise he made to himself, will he be able to give her only what they can both give?

This story contains a single-mom and a handsome and geeky man who is the ultimate alpha when it comes to it. I won’t lie but these sexy scenes, got me hot and bothered in the best way possible. Holy smokes the sizzling sexiness! The wall, the desk…I’ll just leave it there. He wears clothes that have holes in them and she wears short skirts…symbolic to both! Beautiful story and I am glad that they both got their’s and am looking for more in the series in hopes of a glimpse of more of them!

On the 2020 MUST READ list!
Rating: ★★★★★
Romance: ♡♡♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Type: Book #4 of Series
Recommended: ☑ HIGHLY!
⇨ H A P P Y – R E A D I N G ⇦

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