R E V I E W ➠ Until That Knight by Melissa Williams

In the glimmering light of a hotel ballroom, I see my future and I despise it.
Growing up in the glamor of New York’s elite has left me feeling cold and cynical.
I long for adventure—so when the chance appears for me to break away, I take it.
Until that night, I never knew the rush of freedom.
In the dim light of a small-town Tennessee bar, I see him for the first time.
I feel the world shift—boom. I never expected a man like Knight Dayton to catch my eye…but I can’t look away. In his arms, he shows me what it means to live, unrestrained with passion.
Until that Knight, I never knew the power of love.

Until That Knight is coming to Aurora Rose Reynolds’ Happily Ever Alpha World. If you loved Until Talon or Until Cobi, then add Until That Knight to your TBR list.

RELEASE DATE: March 19, 2021

NEW to me author, even though I have been meaning to read some books by this author I finally got a chance even if it’s part of another world. She did such a great job bringing the BOOM to us!

This was very sweet, intense, alpha, romantic and sexy! Everything you need in a BOOM! The heroine Rose is a runaway, no not a run away bride but a runaway from her toxic family. The hero is *gah loved him* is not a run away but also comes from another state in his case he is coming BACK! When they meet it’s intense and sweet. Knight really jumps right into protecting Rose and their adventure begins right away. Knight is smitten by Rose and Rose has these intense feelings she has never felt before, having been controled by her family she never got to experience a intense attraction. Their love may be fast but the sweetest!

This has SUSPENSE in it which is my favorite and perfect fit for this world. I don’t want to give out too much as usual so I will be brief but this definitely is part of the world, very intense and sweet, perfect addition!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Romance: ♡♡♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Triggers: NA
Standalone/Series: HEA World
Type: All Tags on top of this page!
Recommended: ☑ HIGHLY ☑

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