R E V I E W ➠ Tripped by Love by LJ Evans


He’s a broody bodyguard with secrets he can’t share.
She’s a busy single mom with a restaurant to run.
They’re just friends until a little white lie changes everything.

Marco Hernandez is the somber trainer here only to bend my body into shape, but when the perfectly sculpted man holds my son in his arms and smiles, I’m a goner. Weak legs. Pounding veins. Too bad as my brother’s bodyguard, he’ll never look at me the way I crave. Too bad I don’t have the time between the café and my baby boy to persuade him otherwise.
Cassidy O’Neil has looked like an angel from the moment I met her…an angel I can’t touch. Not only because she’s my boss’s sister but because I’m still trying to redeem myself for the sins of my past. The tantalizing mirage of “family” she represents will remain just that―a dream-like apparition.
Until her ex returns trying to claim the son he never wanted, and I’m the one who shows him the door. The lie that falls from my lips while trying to protect her threatens the tenacious balance we’ve established.
Once it’s Cassidy’s heart on the line, how will I defend her? Especially if I’m the one putting it at risk.

Inspired by Ingrid Andress’s “We’re Not Friends,” this achingly tender, slow-burn, small-town romance from award-winning author LJ Evans has loveable characters, deep emotions, and a windy path to creating a family.


Not new to me author. I have read a few other books by her and enjoyed them. I was excited to get this one, wanted to see how this relationship would play out them being more of friends than.

Hero is broken. He is the kindest man, protecting everyone and helping when he can. The heroine is the sweetest and well has wanted the hero for a very long time but never thought the same feelings would be coming from him. This is a very slow burn just to warn you, it’s sweet, homey feel, fun, laughter, broken souls and amazing side characters that really bring in the story. AAAAAND the hero calls the heroine Angel (yes i know a lot of hero’s do) but this is too sweet and you’ll see why. This is a longer read and I am not going to be giving out a lot because I could go on and go for pages about this. Imagine wanting someone but only to sabotage yourself when getting close to what you want. It’s a complicated story and I’d say that you can totally read this as a standalone. Be ware you’ll get hooked and then want to go back and read all of the author’s other books! There is a lot of feelings and heart in this story not just between H&H, but just a feeling of being part of a world. The author does a great job bringing you in and describing the scenes so they are playing like a movie in your head. Thank you to the author for providing me with a ARC and as always I keep my review’s honest. I look forward to reading more by you!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Romance: ♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥
Triggers: NA
Standalone/Series: Standalone – Interconnected
Recommended: ☑

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