R E V I E W ➠ Captivated by the Light by Cheryl Sloan

(Beneath the Darkness Trilogy #1)


Determined to live life on her terms, Jenna Lachlan focused her energy on growing her business all the while flying under the radar, but fate had other plans.
Insert the sexy, assertive, and captivating Cameron Rijker into the fold, and the stakes just got higher. He pushed her buttons, decimated her comfort zone, and made her yearn for a life she long since vowed wasn’t in the cards.
Their attraction was immediate, their chemistry undeniable, and their connection unparalleled. However, beneath the surface remained a secret so big that Jenna would go to any lengths to keep hidden no matter the cost.
The only downside to anonymity was that you could never fully trust anyone but yourself.

Captivated by the Light is the first book in the Beneath the Darkness Trilogy. Jenna and Cameron’s story continues in Blindsided by Darkness, followed by Darkness to Light.

RELEASE DATE: August 15, 2020

NEW to me author & books. Because this is a trilogy I am going to kind of sum up this review into one as opposed to 3 different ones. I haven’t read a trilogy in a long time so it brought me back to my good old days first reads. The amazing author was sweet enough to send me signed paperbacks and provide me with the full e-book all three in one version to read. Let’s just say that made it so much easier to just go to the next. I will try and summarize briefly my reviews on each and then as a whole. And this is a suspense trilogy, not many I read, to me it just has to have the right amount of good romance in them to get my attention and these did.

The first book really brings the heat. Mixed with a sexy hero, strong heroine and suspense, it was the perfect mix. But the heroine did hide a secret that I will NOT spoil on here, it will keep you on the edge for sure. I have to be honest and say I was waiting for that…the whole what is it, what’s going on, the author does a great job at keeping you engaged and on the edge about it all while giving you the sweetness of the hero with the heroine. You can’t help but fall in love with them both in this first book. Knowing it was a trilogy I still read to the end of book one and was like WHAAAAT what happened, luckily, I had the 2nd book right off bat and was able to continue my search for answers.

Book 2 you are ready for them to just…something…because even thought they had that INSTA-LUST it was still a crazy ride of emotions. I will say that I am never a fan of the heroine being with another man for any reason, but this trilogy reminded me of the Sylvia Day Crossfire and how much I loved and hated the books so much. Luckily the hero is a a man’s man and we really get the alpha side of him. I was a little less to like the heroine in this book. Even though the author gets more into depth in this book about the situations and the suspense, I just think the different side of the heroine kind of sort of ruined it for me in this. The suspense and little mystery kept me on the same edge wanting to know answers though. The cliffy left me thinking one thing and then the book delivered the final blow.

Book 3 we get a little bit of the lighter (get it light) in the trilogy. I think it was more romance and about the H&H as opposed to book 2 that kept you really on that edge of the seat. The author finishes off the trilogy with answers thank God as well as that sizzling chemistry and passion between H&H. Each book gave us something on it’s own but it fit perfectly together. It most definitely was not my usual read, or not anymore, this was MY read style since the Crossfire but with Trilogy’s it’s always hard to not put it something that to me I just dislike reading. That said, that is my personal preference, and these 3 books gave me a little of everything and I am happy that I gave these a go and would recommend them.

p.s. THE final ending to this trilogy WAS SO SWEET! That is all I will say!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Romance: ♡♡♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Standalone/Series: Trilogy
Recommended: ☑ HIGHLY ☑

Beneath the Darkness Trilogy by Cheryl Sloan

(Beneath the Darkness Trilogy Book 2)
(Beneath the Darkness Trilogy Book 3)

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