R E V I E W ➠ Impulsive Love by Evan Grace

(Love Stings, #5)


Haddie Carmichael, has made it her mission to take care of others—from her nieces and nephews to the hospice patients she takes care of as a nursing assistant.
As she finishes up her nursing degree, she’s ready to take that next step, but sometimes life has other plans.
Chris Anderson has always been the biggest douche bag, until circumstances cause Haddie to look at him in a different light. On a night when she was there for him, she made the biggest mistake—sleeping with her brother’s best friend. To her horror he doesn’t remember any of it.
Six weeks later and two pink lines, and everything changes.
Life has thrown Haddie a curveball, but she’s bound and determined to finish school and have her baby, even while the father of her child fights his demons.
Chris Anderson has always loved things to excess—women, booze, and lately…drugs. When a devastating diagnosis rocks his family’s world, the excess gets worse. He’s spiraling and he can’t seem to stop.
He hits rock bottom when he learns he knocked up his best friend’s baby sister when he was on a bender. Chris decides he needs help and so he heads to California for treatment. For a whole year he stays gone, working on his sobriety, but when he comes back, he’s healthier than ever.
As he gets to know his baby girl, he develops feelings for Haddie. First its friendship, but then it turns into something neither of them expected…love.
When Chris begins to doubt himself will he succumb to his demons or will he fight like hell to beat them?

RELEASE DATE: February 14, 2022

NEW to me author and I picked this up because of the blurb. Wanted to give it a go and glad I did. It ended up being hard for me to connect but in the end it was a very emotional and real.

Haddie and Chris are a unlikely couple due to the fact that the hero is the heroine’s brother’s best friend. It’s kind of all entangled. The hero is really fighting daemons and himself. Taking on the world and all. The heroine is there for him even if he is a giant asshole, to her and in general. One night changed it all, one year even more but when he comes back from getting better and now ready to live his life and build a better future, he is even more determined to be there for his daughter. And the heroine. But what’s hard about all of this is that addiction and anxiety and mental disfunction is hard to go through by one self and even harder to let someone in while in that vulnerable stage. These two really over come so much on their road to together and it’s very scary but beautiful in the end.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Romance: ♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥
Triggers: NA
Standalone/Series: (Love Stings, #5)
Recommended: ☑

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