R E V I E W ➠ Beyond the Team by Kaylee Ryan

(Out of Reach #4)


All it takes is four days to change my carefully planned-out life. Four days to fall for Peyton Monroe. Four days to convince her to give me… us a chance.
Before her, baseball was the center of my world. Being the best. Getting a full-ride scholarship. Getting drafted. Going pro. But from the moment my frisbee lands at her feet on the beach, I can’t stop thinking about her.
She’s beautiful, funny, smart… and lives thirteen hours away. Long-distance love is a complication I should avoid, but staying away from Peyton is not an option. This goes beyond the team and my love of the game.
I’m looking to get away, not searching for love. But it all but lands at my feet on spring break anyway. A beach full of hot guys, and of course I find myself falling for a handsome baseball player.
Griffin Anthony’s charming smile draws me in. We fall hard and fast, but when it’s time to say goodbye, he tries to convince me that we can make this work long distance.
Now I’m torn between following tradition and playing it safe or throwing out the rule book and following my heart across the miles. He wants me to trust our connection. Can I risk my heart?

RELEASE DATE: March 8, 2022

Not my first read by the author and not my last. She is a TOP favorite and insta-click read. That said I’ve also read the other books in the series, and this one I was so excited for because it’s the youngest Monroe’s turn!

INSTA-LOVE perfection! If I could describe it in one word that would be it. I wasn’t sure what to expect after all the last left is the youngest and she is fairly young 18. I do remember in her sister’s previous book where she managed to go with her to Florida on vacation with her. When a frisbee lands at her feet she is taken back by the back that stands there to collect it. From then on a adventure uproots that will have hard roads to take but also the sweetest oh so sweetest moments. The heroine is a sweet young woman, smart, mature and a little skittish. The hero is a 19-year-old all-star, yes his goal in life is to keep working hard to get drafted and make a life for himself. He is a local that came down to the beaches to celebrate spring break. When he suggests they all hang out, his friends and the beauty he can’t keep his eyes from along with her best friend…he didn’t expect to have the sort of feelings that were foreign to him. Now will she feel the same or will this be a one sided love.

I really could go on and on about this book and basically give it all out but I don’t want to. I want to say that this is a insta-love between two young adults who fall hard for each other. They live in different states but their limited time only brings them closer. This is a SLOW BURN but worth the wait, the heat it brings and the anticipation and excitement, very WORTH the wait! You can’t help but just LOVE these two, especially the swoony hero! YOUNG LOVE! But this one comes with some surprises and well if you’ve ever been in a long distance relationship….is he wanted to HE WOULD!

Be prepared to swoon, laugh, get caught up in the moment and not want to leave their story!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Romance: ♡♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥
Triggers: NA
Standalone/Series: (Out of Reach #4)
Recommended: ☑
HIGHLY Recommended ☑

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