R E V I E W ➠ Taste by Melanie Harlow

(Cloverleigh Farms #7)


The last person on earth I want to be stranded with is Gianni Lupo.
But thanks to the blizzard of the century, I’m trapped in a roadside motel room with that cocky bastard for two straight days.
With one small bed.
Some women might thank Mother Nature for delivering a polar vortex that maroons them with six feet of solid muscle, those deep blue eyes, that sexy grin–but not me. I’ve known Gianni Lupo all my life, and he’s never brought me anything but bad luck and trouble.
So when the tension between us explodes with enough fiery heat to melt my icy defenses, I should have known what the disastrous end result would be–
A big fat plus sign.
After the snow melts, I’m left with more than just memories of the night we spent keeping each other warm. And he might be a rising star on the culinary scene, but he’s got no idea how to handle this bun in the oven.
He says he wants to do the right thing, but I’m not about to spend the rest of my life feeling like someone settled for me.
But just when I think I’ve got Gianni Lupo all figured out, he gives me a taste of the man he could be, of the family we could become, of the way he could love me if I let him.
I’m terrified of falling for him.
But one taste might be all it takes.

RELEASE DATE: March 7, 2021

Not my first read by the author and I have read all the 6 books before in the series! I will say that this one was not my jam in the beginning, I think it was hard as a mood reader to just get into something if it just doesn’t fit right away. I think my hang up was the fling part and maybe the banter was a little much at times from the hero. It was predictable until it was not, I did not see the surprise pregnancy coming but that’s when it kind of was melting my heart a little and I was able to change my mood. In the end there was no OM/OW which I was totally thinking there would be and the story was actually sweet and I even fell in love Gianni 🙂

These two share such a big history together that now at adulthood it’s hard to let go of the old. The hero has always been harder on the heroine growing up but of course back then they didn’t know it’s because they actually cared for one another. Their adventure is that a adventure, a storm blizzard, 5 minutes & a pregnancy. The heroine couldn’t trust the hero due to everything that has happened and well she pushes him away for good. The hero is a little wild yes but has the best head on his shoulder, smart and irresistible…. and has a plan! That is where I am leaving this review at!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Romance: ♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥
Triggers: NA
Standalone/Series: (Cloverleigh Farms #7)
Recommended: ☑

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