R E V I E W ➠ The Secret by Kristen Proby

(Single in Seattle #1)


Vaughn is everything I’m supposed to stay away from. Sexy. Cocky. And famous.
I grew up in a family full of wealthy celebrities. My father, Luke Williams, is the celebrity of them all. A superstar actor and producer, my father knows the downside of living in the spotlight. And because of that, he sheltered my siblings and me from everything Hollywood entailed. We didn’t attend premieres. We weren’t photographed. There were no friendships with other celebrities’ children.
The limelight couldn’t touch us.
But now, at twenty-five, I’m ready to start my life, working for my father’s production company in downtown Seattle—until Vaughn Barrymore walks through the door.
He can’t keep his hands off me. He’s completely forbidden, but I can’t help falling for the sweet, complicated man.
When—and it’s when not if—my family finds out that I’ve been keeping this secret, will I have to choose between the man I love and those who mean the most to me? Or, by some miracle, can I have both?

RELEASE DATE: March 22, 2022

Not my first read by the author. I picked this up because I do enjoy the author’s work. This was a little off the road for me. I guess what I was expecting and what I got were different and so I had to work at connecting with the story as is.

Vaught and Olivia are two people in the same world but worlds apart. While Olivia comes from the acting world and has been around it all her life, she is down to earth, hard working, determined and strong. Vaught took a little for me to get connected with. He is for sure the idea of famous actor criteria, he is arrogant, loves the fame and selfish. When these two collide it’s like a bomb and Olivia gives Vaught a run for his money, or fame in this instance. They starts spending time together and realize a lot about each other but also a lot about themselves, especially Vaught. Olivia has grown up in this industry and a successful costume designer she is strong, independent and knows what she wants in life. Vaught throws her off a little but in the best way. They keep their relationship on hush-hush but Olivia knows that his stardom will come out of the corner one way or another. It’s hard to be with someone who is always in the spot light, and these two learn just how. Looking forward to more in this new series!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Romance: ♡♡♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Standalone/Series: (Single in Seattle #1)
Recommended: ☑
HIGHLY Recommended ☑

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