A.L. Jackson ➠ Confessions of the Heart

Confessions of the Heart Series


More of You
Jace knew that he could never be the man that Faith deserved and left her with a broken heart. But ten years later, he’s become a different man and he will do anything to get her back.
All of Me
Ian is callous, arrogant, ruthless. As one of the most powerful attorneys in Charleston, he won’t let anyone get in his way, until Grace steps through his door. Even with the threat of losing everything, he can’t stop himself from having her again.
Pieces of Us
Maxon had not other choice but to let Izzy go. When she left town, he thought he’d never see her again. but now she’s back, and thirteen years and thousands of miles couldn’t dull the flames. Now he wants her just as badly as he did all those years ago and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to win her back.

Fall for all the brooding bad boys of Broadshire Rim and the women that they can’t live without…

RELEASE DATE: June 9, 2022

Not my first read by the author and not my last. I think i was a little too eager and signed up for this complete set when I’ve already indeed read this. It was great re-reading this set for sure.

More of You:
This one was hard for me to read because of the circumstances of the situation. The hero and heroine have a history but she marries someone else and is actually in love with that person, not to mention had a child with him. So it was hard to concentrate, yea that word. I won’t give out why because then it’ll be a spoiler. I will say that I did love the hero’s heart and what he has done all his life for his family and the heroine. Their connection is something one can only dream of. The heroine is in danger but the hero was never far behind to protect them, until he wasn’t. This hero sets the tone for the rest of the books because the 2nd book is his brother and 3rd the best friend. Each one of them has their demons and each heroine slays them in their own way.

All of Me:
This has it all, i mean everything. A FORBIDDEN ROMANCE, suspense, action, pain, passion and a Grandma that is goals and a little girl who will steal your heart! This has it all, i mean everything. A FORBIDDEN ROMANCE, suspense, action, pain, passion and a Grandma that is goals and a little girl who will steal your heart! The betrayal in this book, about killed me. It was intertwined in the best way possible. How can one man, one man who has it all…want to destroy it? Grace was a young naive girl who grew into a woman that realized that her forever after, was a sham. Ian is a troubled man, battered and broken from childhood, he grew into a powerful and broken man. So much was at stake, so much!
“But that was the thing about attraction. You couldn’t control who you were attracted to, how sudden and intense it might be. Whether it smoldered and grew or hit you like a ball flying out of left field.” -Grace
This book will have you sitting on the edge, wanting to know what will happen next, your heart will bloom from the love of a mother, and you will absolutely want to be Grandma when you grow up! There are twist and turns, and trust me…i did NOT expect what i expected towards the end. I am SO HAPPY to have purchased a signed copy of this fantastic and amazing book, I want to give this a TEN STAR that’s how much i really enjoyed it!!

Pieces of Us:
I am a HUGE DIE HARD fan of A.L. Jackson & her books. Believe it or not but she was a NEW TO BE author a little while ago & I read one book & BAM i read them all!! Therefore so happy to be able to read this master-piece before hand!! Now, this book is #3 and I have read the previous two of course. This is the story of Maxon & Isabel!
Even from the beginning I went from smiles and laughter at a situation to OH MY HEART! The tension, the words…beautiful but broken. The take-back’s through out the story are also heartbreaking but in a beautiful way, more beautiful between the lines kind of way. I was blown back by how much emotion this brought out in me, I was glued to each page, each sentence. I can’t express enough how much A.L. Jackson kind of does that to you, her writing style and words will mesmerize you.
Maxon is a broken soul, from the very beginning. With what he had gone through his childhood well into teenage years, it’s no surprise. He now is a tall, strong and sexy man, filled out, gorgeous, a police officer for goodness sake..but still broken. The worst part is that Izzy though her love would be enough back then, what makes her believe that it would ever help out now, as adults.
Every single character in this (not just the previous book ones) are unique and to each it’s own. I love Izzy’s parents (her mom is the kind of mom you’d want) the predicament and situations in this are a slow burn, pulling at heart strings moments. It was like riding a roller coaster of emotion, just when you think I’M OKAY I’M OKAY nope, you’re not. My love for this story and characters especially Izzy is enormous. The secrets, the nerve wrecking scenes…GAH! I don’t want to give out too much BUT you will not see it coming, I’m telling you when it hits you, worse than a sledgehammer. Anguish, passion, heartbreak & conquer!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Romance: ♡♡♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Triggers: NA
Standalone/Series: Confessions of the Heart Series
Recommended: ☑
HIGHLY Recommended ☑

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