Tia Louise ➠ Filthy


Good girls are saved by princes, but my savior is a monster.
After my father died and my family splintered, I became a target, a pawn in a game I didn’t know I was playing.
Then he appeared—dark, dangerous, tormented, and always just within reach.
He makes me come alive. He makes me remember.
He makes me feel something I lost years ago: Safe.
And he thinks he can keep me at arm’s length…
Once upon a time I was a hero, until the sins of my father caught up with me, and I was forced into darkness.
I should’ve died in that fire. Instead, I served evil men, until I risked it all by walking away.
Now I’m a wanted man. At any time, I could be taken down for what I owe.
What I don’t expect to find in my hiding place is her—broken, beautiful, so damn tempting.
I was hired to keep her safe. I shouldn’t touch her with my filthy hands.
But every day it gets harder, then she starts sneaking into my bed.
Together, we’re filthy, but together, we can find our way through the flames.


Not my first read by the author but it has been a while since I have read her. I picked this up from the blurb and of course the cover, wanted to give the author another try, a fresh start if you will. Sadly this book did not sit well with me, personal preference reasons. The heroine is young (21 yrs) and she definitely lived out to that age in personality. Just wasn’t for me and that’s okay.

I do get that I should have read the first book in this since it does showcase the current H&H but I got enough from this book to understand what happened. So I do understand that she has a drug problem and what had happened before, the hero being her real life hero. That said, her attitude was of a 21 year old for sure, to me she came off more immature, irritating and too naive. The whole drug issue I think because I was not able to feel bad for her regarding it (just felt more ignorant to me) might have been the issue. I was also frustrated with her and then the hero who to me was good I really enjoyed him but his actions at times made it a little eek for me between him & the heroine. It just was not working for me feeling wise for them two. I did really love the protectiveness of the hero to his heroine, that was very sweet.

That said the book ends in

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Romance: ♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥
Triggers: NA
Standalone/Series: Interconnected Standalone
Recommended: ☑

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