Aurora Rose Reynolds ➠ Until Willow

(Until Him/Her)


Willow Mayson isn’t ready to just dive head first into love, or at least not with any of the men she’s dated.
Then she shares a single unexpected kiss with a complete stranger.
Clay Raven doesn’t want the strings of a woman tied to him in any way. His priorities are his family, his job, and finding the people responsible for helping to kill his sister.
One kiss shouldn’t have the ability to change that.
Even with the chemistry between them, Willow attempts to put distance between her and Clay but the guy is tenacious, until he’s not.
For a guy who’s never put much effort into any woman, Clay learns quickly that he’s going to have to fight, chase, and manipulate his way into Willow’s life if he wants to be a part of it.
Then just when Willow begins to let her guard down her friend is murdered setting off a string of events that could change the course of their lives forever.

RELEASE DATE: December 13, 2022

Not my first read by the author. I have read all her books and love her work.

Willow is my trouble child I have been wanting her story for soooo long from the first time we meet her in the previous books with her sisters. She is a wild-card but such an amazing sister so this was gold for me! Her hero is a perfect match for her.

This one was different but in the best way. And I know I’ve said that before on other books and even hers but this one was just a little more suspense and it fit so perfectly. The one thing that I will say it, it took me a little to warm up to Willow’s friend and the events to come. Lets dive into it. Willow has been dating a lot of safe men, when she breaks it off with her recent it’s because she finally realized that and just really wished she had what her parents have. She wants someone to go looking for her even if she was missing for 15mins (you’ll see what I mean when I say that) when she finds herself in the parking lot with strange scary men staring at her, she did not see Clay coming. She also didn’t see the kiss coming but for all it’s worth, what a kiss. Clay is a man that is driven, mysterious, gruff looking but there is so much more to him. When Willow finds herself in the middle of something that keeps Clay coming around, she is determined to shut it down. She is no longer wanting to date, it’s just too much after everything and her realization. That said, Clay doesn’t give up…or well he does but, yeah you’ll see what I mean. Willow has no idea how much Clay is what she is looking for, it really creeps up on her and when shit hits the fan, she finds out who she can truly rely on.

Willow is level-headed and a good girl. She was raised by the best her father Nico and mother Sophie, she also has a twin that is opposite of her and other siblings. She enjoys her job at the bank and has a good group of friends. Clay comes from a haunted and hard past, what he went through no one should ever as a child. He has his brothers and they have a mission. Little Willow gets thrown into that and Clay just can’t seem to stay away from Willow.

These two are like sugar and spice together. While Willow is a good girl and rather keeps quiet and Clay is like a tornado full of suspense and mystery but with a body of a green god, heck he’s built like one, and the drool worthy tattoos to match 🙂

In this story you will get the BOOM, Suspense, Action, Mystery, Swoon, Slow Burn but worth the wait because the sizzle on this *fanning self* headstrong heroine, alpha hero!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Romance: ♡♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Triggers: NA
Standalone/Series: (Until Him/Her)
Recommended: ☑
HIGHLY Recommended ☑

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