Catherine Cowles ➠ Whispers of You

(The Lost & Found #1)


One night—a single bullet—cost me everything.
My body, broken beyond repair. The boy I’d thought was my forever. The life I’d always dreamt of.
Now, Holt’s back. And he’s no longer a boy, but a man with shadows in his eyes and demons haunting him.
He says he’s here to make things right. To get back a little bit of all we’ve lost. And he doesn’t show any signs of leaving the small town that has been my refuge.
As stolen moments turn to days, Holt’s around every corner. With his burning stare and lingering touches. Before long, my walls come crashing down and I’m just hoping that taking this second chance isn’t as reckless as it feels.
But not everyone is happy that Holt has returned. As tragedy strikes again, I’m the one left in the crosshairs. And Holt might not be able to save me this time…

RELEASE DATE: Jan 31, 2023

Not my first read by the author and I have read all of her books. Been excited for this for a long time, I even managed to re-read this before release JUST loved it that much. I’ve also decided that Catherine for sure is one of the TOP AND BEST SUSPENSE romance authors!

This beautiful story is a second-chance first, mixed with broken hero, sweet heroine, forced proximity, danger, suspense, swoon, heartbreak and romance! When Holt comes back due to his father’s current injury, he doesn’t know what his plans are. Wren has lived through a horrific incident, the pain from that didn’t compare to loosing him. Almost a decade later they run into each other in their small little town. This is a heart-breaking story of two souls meant to be broken by a horrific incident and no way of finding their way back to one another. That’s what it felt like watching them come back together but trying not to go to fast. This really broke my heart and repaired it in the sweetest best of ways. The suspense in this book was the right amount and kept me on my toes the whole time. I got one of my predictions correct in the end but did not see it fully come. What I loved the most is the connection between H&H even after all the years and everything there is something about when they are close to one another, the connection, the sizzling feeling. You know that H&H were meant to be. The heroine had a rough start to life, she had a family yes but no one really cared about her. In comes the hero who’s family is everything that she would ever wish for. H&H have been soulmates from a very young age, they just needed to go through everything to make it out. Loved the HEA and swoon in this, it’s what bloomed my heart in the heart times. I am looking forward to the younger brother that’s up next and a mess that I can’t wait to be broken and out together by.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Romance: ♡♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥
Triggers: NA
Standalone/Series: (The Lost & Found #1)
Recommended: ☑
HIGHLY Recommended ☑

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