Natasha Madison ➠ Made For Us

(Made For #3)


It was time to celebrate.
After all my hard work, I was graduating at the top of my class.
Our family vacation was the perfect chance to relax.
Until I saw him get on the plane and my plans went out the window.
Tristan’s everything I’ve always wanted but can never have.
One night was all we had together.
Now, I’m staring at the two pink lines wondering if I should even tell him.
Six years ago, I was living for myself until I found out I had a two-year-old daughter.
Now, I love my life exactly how it is: me, my daughter and hockey.
Except—I’ve been in love with Abigail from afar for years.
She was the only one I trusted my daughter with.
One night with her is more than I deserve.
Now that I’ve had her, I know she was made for us.

RELEASE DATE: April 11, 2022

Not my first read by the author, love love love NATASHA’S books and I have read them all of course. This is A spin-off from the Only One series & This Is Series. What a twist this was, in the best way possible. What happens when two people who have been secretly in love with one another end up on an island with one of their who family. Well if you’re thinking a lot of fun, food and ONE NIGHT OF MAGIC, then you’d be right!

Abigail is a twin, she is opposite from her sister and achieving her life goal. Just graduated nursing college and ready to take on the world. 6 years ago is when she fell in love with Tristan, right there while holding his now daughter in her arms while the little girl’s life was turned upside down. Tristan has been in love with Abigail for many years, he can pin point the exact moment it happened. When he found out her was a father, his world turned upside down…in the best way possible. He gave and still gives his daughter the best life he can. He is a single dad with a 8 year old going on 18. Abigail plays a huge part in their life, she has been there from the beginning of it all and has always put his daughter first. When they end up on her family’s vacation together, matter of fact riiiiight next to one another, things take a turn. Now back on land and trying to move on with life, Abigail is hurting but again putting Tristan first. Tristan dives right into his hockey career and being the best dad he can. He doesn’t regret anything but is confused why things just ended up so abruptly and there was much that he can do about it at that time.

What happens next is nerve wrecking because of the heroine. I understand that she may have felt the way she did but boy was I mad at he for a little bit of time. The hero is one of the most amazing men and he just proves how much of amazing he is as the story goes. When Tristan finds out about the baby which by the way was not in the conventional way, he is having all kinds of feelings, GOOD AND BAD! These two definitely learn from one another but what I love the most is that they communicate to one another once they learned their lesson. Mostly that did come from the heroine but she did redeem herself to me pretty fast!

If you love single-dad hot AF hockey player with blue eyes that loves his daughter and steps up as a man and a heroine who is in love and makes a mistake but quickly learns that voicing her feelings is better than assumption pretty fast, then this is for you. You get the story of how the hero becomes a dad for the first time and then the hard road of a accidental pregnancy but now it’s between two people who love one another but are to afraid to tell.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Romance: ♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥
Recommended: ☑
HIGHLY Recommended ☑

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