Catherine Cowles➠ Echoes Of You (TOP 2023 MUST READ)

Lost & Found #2


Nash Hartley has always been my everything: Protector. Partner in crime. Best friend. The person who was there for me in my darkest hour.
But my heart wanted so much more. So, when I knew for certain Nash didn’t feel the same about me, I tried to move on. What a mistake that turned out to be.
Now, I’m back in our small town, desperate to escape my living nightmare, and the only person I want to see is him.
As secrets are revealed, and Nash finds out what happened to me, he’ll do anything to keep me safe.
But there are those who will do anything to stop him, and this time neither of us may make out alive…

RELEASE DATE: May 2, 2023

Not my first read by the author and I am obsessed with her and her books! That said that also means I have read all of her books! I have been super excited for this one as I am with all her books but each one just brings me joy in a different way. I cried a lot during this one, my heart hurt for the heroine!

I don’t even know where to begin with this except to say that Catherine is the queen of Suspense Romances! I was on the edge, every page kept me engaged and excited and wanting more! The end of the book really GOT me, I did not expect that. Now lets dive into the book. The H&H share a history but not just any kind, one where they have been thick as thieves since they were 5 years old. Two opposite worlds but when who souls and hearts that are meant to be meet nothing else matter. The heroine has a rather rough past and history and the hero comes from a loved family but has his own daemons he is battling. Many years pass and these two are still friends but not together. The heroine is engaged to a man that doesn’t deserve to walk the earth, and after finally being able to get away, she does. Right back home. Without telling anyone, not even her best friend the hero. It’s been a while since the hero has talked to the heroine or seen her but when he learns from his sister that she is back, he is hurt.

These two really jump into being best friends. I loved seeing that side of their relationship because the hero and heroine bring out the best out of each other. The hero is actually quite charming, funny and sweet and the heroine has a back bone just lost it for a little. When secrets start coming out and danger lurks around the corner, the hero doesn’t hesitate to step up and be there for the heroine. Their love is timeless and their bond unbreakable, their need for one another once they realized what the truth the main truth of it all was, i can’t explain it, the chemistry sexual and between them is just so dynamic!

I’ve said it before I’ll say it again, Catherine is the SUSPENSE ROMANCE queen. Period! If you want heart, suspense, passion, swoon and danger…this book is for you. Would recommend this author’s books to everyone and anytime! Can’t wait for more because I have a feeling this enemy-to will be fun but emotional! The hero’s little sister is up next!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Romance: ♡♡♡♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥
Triggers: SA
Standalone/Series: Lost & Found #2
Recommended: ☑
HIGHLY Recommended ☑

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