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R E V I E W ➠ This Is Forever by Natasha Madison

GOODREADS – AMAZON – AUTHOR WEBSITE Becoming a teen mom at sixteen was not what I expected, but then again, neither was being a single parent. Still, I wouldn’t change my past because that boy is my world. Hockey is the only thing my son seems to care about, so I work two jobs to […]

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R E V I E W ➠ Bourbon Love Notes by Shari J. Ryan

GOODREADS – AMAZON – AUTHOR WEBSITE In a split second, life can steal a last breath … and derail all future plans.While flying home after a phone call that left me heartbroken, a row to myself would have been ideal. Instead, I was unknowingly sitting shoulder to shoulder with Brett Pearson; a strikingly attractive single […]

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R E V I E W ➠ The Fight For Forever by Meghan March

GOODREADS – AMAZON – AUTHOR WEBSITE You can only keep what you can protect. That’s all I’ve ever known. It’s the way I’ve lived my life. Now, everything I never knew I needed is at risk, and I’m not letting anyone take it from me. I won’t let anyone take her from me. They say […]

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