R E V I E W ➠ Here With Me by Tia Louise


Sawyer LaGrange.
He’s my best friend’s older brother.
He’s quiet, brooding, sinfully sexy 
Dark hair, a scruffy square jaw, and deep lines of muscle I trace my fingers along slowly, followed by my lips…
He always does what’s right.
Until me…
They say you get in life what you have the courage to ask for.
Well, I’m brave.
And I want him.
Everybody has them.
Big, small, innocent… forbidden.
Mindy was a line I should never have crossed.
But I did.
She was beautiful… sassy and tempting,
And rules were made to be broken.
We broke them all.
Now I’m home, released from service with hidden scars.
Now my secrets are the demons that grow stronger every day.
I try to send her away, but I can’t let her go.
She’s my reason to fight, and I’ll walk through hell to be the man she deserves.
To give her a reason to stay here with me.

(HERE WITH ME is a STAND-ALONE best friend’s older brother, second-chance, military romance. No cheating. No cliffhangers.)

RELEASE DATE: April 20, 2020

Not my first read by the author and I have read almost every single one of her books! Every time she comes out with a book I get excited to read!! First off this hero is the brother of the heroine Noel from Wait For Me and the heroine is Noel’s best friend Mindy. So get ready for second chance romance with a twist!

Our hero here is not your normal broken this and that, he is much deeper…and to be honest when reading his thoughts and words…makes you understand him so much yet want to reach in and help. The heroine is the sweetest, she has always been in love with the hero, but never the right time. She is smart, so talented, beautiful, fun and the biggest heart…but them together is kind of like a magnet, you know they belong together but sometimes slip off. If I had to pick a tiny slaw it would be the heroine playing small little games at times, I understood but to me it was that tiny little thing if I had to find it. Aside from all that, this sis a beautifully broken story that will tear you apart and put you back together by SAWYER himself…so sweet and heartbreaking to watch him fight and fight for her!

Rating: ★★★★★
Romance: ♡♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Type: Standalone (I recommend reading Wait For Me) CLICK HERE
Recommended: ☑ HIGHLY ☑
⇨ H A P P Y – R E A D I N G ⇦

R E V I E W ➠ Southern Comfort by Natasha Madison


Buried secrets never stay hidden in the South.

When you find out that your fiancé is arrested for swindling over ten million dollars from his clients, you do what any sane woman would do. You escape reality and go undercover, trading in your city-girl Louboutins for country-pumpkin cowboy boots.
It wasn’t a forever change—it was temporary. I only had to stay here until things back home got straightened out, or so I thought.
I was riding horses before I was walking, or at least that was what they told me. I always knew I would take over the family farm. It’s in my blood.
Country boy at heart, the minute I saw her dragging her luggage up the gravel driveway I knew she was out of my league.
I shouldn’t have started anything with her, because I knew she was just passing through.
I couldn’t stop it, I fell in love with her. Even though I knew, in the end, she would leave me.

RELEASE DATE: April 14, 2020

“That mouth of yours is going to get you in a whole heap of trouble.”


Not my first read by the author, she is one of my favorites! Also this NEW series is ‘Save a horse, ride a Cowboy’ amazing!! Prepare for your emotions to be on HIGH in this one! If you’ve read Book #1 you know that this one is about book 1’s brother (Casey) and her best friend (Olivia). It’s complicated to start with.

Olivia comes from a background where she was always told what, how and when to do ANYTHING. She never really had a remodel, especially her mother. When she met Book 1’s heroine, they became more than best friends. When she goes back to her best friends home town, she is met with the most handsome cowboy she has ever met. Casey, the brother she apparently was being held out on by her bestie. Olivia is a happy girl, she smiles often but that smile hides a lot. When running away from a problem it always seems to follow you, in this case not only her but she has put her best friends family in jeopardy. Thinking it’s all clear she plans well she has always planned to go back to the city, after-all she doesn’t know country living much. But that past may seem a lot harder to subdue then she thought.

Casey, I can’t tell you enough how much I LOVE HIM, seriously crush love him. He is broody, big, handsome, sexy, that accent and boots & stetson *swoon* all his life he has wanted one thing, and at one point in it he almost had it. Now that his sister is back in town and in tow with the sweet, beautiful, sassy and smart Olivia…his emotions are all over. When he offers her to stay with him, he wasn’t expecting anything but that. But Casey is a protector at nature, and even though he has his own daemons he is fighting, he knows that protecting her is a must. I gotta say that Casey is not your typical broken hero, it goes more and deeper than that. *sigh*

Both of these characters are complex in their own way but when together you can;t help but laugh along, smile or even tear up. Something about two broken souls coming together. I do really wish they talked to one another, their not sharing their feelings is on another level. But everything about this book and series so far is TOP for me, this book continues smoothly from the first one and is a lot more emotional in all the ways you want it to be. I laughed, smiled and cried in this one, and I can’t wait for more, which by the way is going to me amazing from the ending of this book. p.s. this is a sweet slow-burn & you get 2 epilogues *swoon*

TOP 2020 MUST READ list!
Rating: ★★★★★
Romance: ♡♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Type: Book #2 of Series
Recommended: ☑ HIGHLY ☑
⇨ H A P P Y – R E A D I N G ⇦

R E V I E W ➠ Chute Yeah by Lani Lynn Vale


Candy Ray Sunshine—Yes, that is my real name, thank you very much, Mom and Dad—knew two things.
One, she was going to work her butt off and open her very own coffee shop, even if she had to die doing it.
Two, Banks Valentine was the world’s worst ex-boyfriend in the history of ex-boyfriends. Even if they were only boyfriend and girlfriend for one evening. She wouldn’t sneeze on him even if he was on fire.
Banks Valentine also knew two things.
One, he was an immature jerk when he was in high school, and Candy Ray Sunshine probably could open a coffee shop if she put her mind to it. But he still thinks that she should shoot a little higher, anything that gets her the heck out of Kilgore, Texas.
Two, he likes riding bulls. It’s a dangerous job, and when he gets on the back of one of those thousand-pound death machines, he can finally feel his head clear enough that he can think.
Candy and Banks would never get along. Not after what he said, and definitely not after what she did.
Then again, neither one of them expected that night to end the way it did, either—the night that both of them refused to talk about the next morning.

RELEASE DATE: March 24, 2020

Not my first read by the author and I have read the previous books as well. I will have to say I liked the first two a little better, there wasn’t anything wrong with this aside from maybe just not my taste fully. It was fun and young with a lot of heart just not my cup of tea, story wise. I did connect with the characters easily but again, because I wasn’t feeling the story all the way, just…it happens to the best of us. And I am still very much looking forward to more in the series! That said here is a little about the story:

A beautiful second chance romance…over something that occurred back in high school…both hero and heroine hold it against each other. Candy the heroine I will have to say my heart goes out to her, and Banks as much as I wanted to hate him I loved him equally. This was a misunderstanding that lasted way too long, and now that they both can’t ingnore one another they face having to FACE EACH OTHER!

Rating: 4.5★
Romance: ♡♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥
Type: Book #3 of Series
Recommended: ☑
⇨ H A P P Y – R E A D I N G ⇦

R E V I E W ➠ Make Me Whole by A.K. Macbride


I came to Walker Ranch hoping to heal my tattered heart and bruised soul. To find a quiet place to pick up the scattered pieces of my life.
Instead… I found him.
With his dark hair and piercing blue eyes, Bradley set my pulse on fire with a single glance. Unable to resist the magnetic chemistry between us, we give in to temptation and lose ourselves in our passionate connection.
As we become closer, I realize he’s just as broken as I am. Both of us haunted by our pasts. But it’s the demons of mine that push to the surface and threaten to destroy our newfound happiness.
Can I find a way to piece both of our hearts back together? Or will what’s left of mine be shattered beyond repair?

RELEASE DATE: March 12, 2020

NEW TO ME AUTHOR & BOOKS! I read that blurb before the cover even came out & I knew I wanted to give this a try. Sounded something that I love to read!

This small town-romance had feeling some kind of way. It was pretty angsty, full of emotion, sizzling, sweet and funny! The hero and heroine are both two broken souls, that are not eager to jump right back in. When one was looking for solitude and quite the other found himself FOUND! It’s the best way I can subscribe it. I really liked both the characters and their story was warm, beautiful and romantic!

What I really loved about this story and book is that it was very real, some of the subjects, issues and so forth, really make me think, this is real. I was caught up in reading this beauty and will be reading more for sure!

Rating: 4.5★
Romance: ♡♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥
Type: Book #1 of Series
Recommended: ☑
⇨ H A P P Y – R E A D I N G ⇦

R E V I E W ➠ Always Enough by Kelly Elliott


Grieving the loss of her fiancé two years ago, Kaylee longs for a fresh start. When she follows her best friend from Atlanta to Hamilton, Montana, Kaylee looks forward to the wild terrain and a new town to help her forget the memories and dreams of a life that will never be hers.
After a tragic car accident, Ty Shaw is told he may never walk again. But Ty doesn’t easily accept defeat, and through grit, determination, and more physical therapy than any man should ever endure, he beats the odds. Even though he’ll never ride again, Ty longs to feel alive—the way he did on the Professional Bull Riders circuit.
When Kaylee meets Ty, she finds him just as captivating as the rugged landscape of Montana. When Ty is with Kaylee, he remembers just how good life can be. But can they move beyond their broken hearts and dreams to find a second chance with each other?

RELEASE DATE: April 7, 2020

A slight smile on his face and a hint of something in those baby blues. What exactly it was, I had not idea, but it made my lady parts tingle.


Not my first read by the author, she is one of my very firsts and a favorite author at that. That said, I have already read book #1 in this series!! This one was SO MUCH MORE INTENSE! It does have a couple triggers: substance abuse & suicide. Aside from that, it really was intense, everything about it. The ultimate enemy-to-lovers romance!

i was not ready for this book and I don’t really know if its a good or bad thing. Because at the beginning it was fun and games with their banter, back and forth, the chemistry but then there were a lot of outbursts from both. Little about the hero; TY Shaw oldest of the brothers, most successful one in the bull riding that had it all shattered to pieces one day, from a careless driver. After that he became a shell of a man and kept everything and everyone away. Even family. He suffered through something and worked hard to get better, but kept himself still closed off.
Kaylee comes off of a relationship where her husband left her. She is best friends with Lincoln, Brock’s wife and moved to the small town to be closer to her originally, then she fell in love with it and stayed. She has always been upfront independent and strong, all her life she was handed everything and told to do nothing. So she is determined to make it on her own. Their relationship together is rocky. Kaylee has strong feelings for TY and TY can not let anyone in. It’s a heartbreaking story after all, is it fate? A little, but mostly because..I…my heart goes out of Kaylee I really felt for her and at times really hated TY, he was a stubborn stubborn stupid man!

Be prepared when going in, your emotions will be high and low right along with the characters. Fantastic writing in this one, really felt every word.

Rating: ★★★★★
Romance: ♡♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Type: Book #2 of Series
Recommended: ☑ HIGHLY!
⇨ H A P P Y – R E A D I N G ⇦

R E V I E W ➠ Then You Happened by K. Bromberg


Jack Sutton was the man I didn’t want to need.
His know-it-all attitude. His annoying suggestions. His outlook on life.
He was determined to help me while I had resolved to figure it out on my own.
But he taught me things I’d forgotten.
How to trust. How to believe in myself. Who I was.
The problem?
I went and fell in love with him.

Tatum Knox was the disaster I should have walked away from.
Her ruined reputation. Her failing business. Her chaotic life.
She hated me at first sight and yet intrigued me all at the same time.
I was only supposed to be there six months.
I was supposed to use that time to make amends for things I’d done wrong.
Instead I fell in love with her.

They say it’s better to have loved and lost, than not to have loved at all. Does that hold true when the love is based on a lie to begin with?

RELEASE DATE: February 3, 2020

Not my first read by author & I have read every single book she has put out. She is also on my top 5 favorite author’s as well as first reads many moons ago when I started reading romance. This book already started to kill me when the dedication was to: the broken ones!

Right off the bet you get ENEMY-TO, we have our heroine who is a woman that gave it all up to follow, and a hero who made a promise he intends to keep. These two meet by coincidence and soon learn that they may have a lot more in common then they thought. Their banter is straight on, there is a lot of anger from the heroine and a lot of heart and soul from the hero. Opposites clash in a story that will have you fighting along with them then it will hit you with a shock that you won’t ever see coming. And I mean it’s a TWIST of all twists. Aside from the beginning where it took me a little to warm up to the heroine (she a was little overly-arrogant and little prickly) The hero, ladies THE HERO hold on to your hearts because he will have it from page 1!! All in all, this story is a hard one, definitely for the lost as the dedication stated, and in the end I WAS IN LOVE with this!!

Rating: ★★★★★
Romance: ♡♡♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Type: Standalone
Recommended: ☑ HIGHLY!
⇨ H A P P Y – R E A D I N G ⇦

R E V I E W ➠ Herd That by Lani Lynn Vale


His Wranglers fit him like a glove. A really tight, leaving nothing to the imagination, glove. Codie wants nothing more than to shove that Wrangler-covered butt straight into the mud.
Ace Valentine has a smart mouth, a devil-may-care attitude, and those wicked eyes aimed directly at her.
She doesn’t know what to do with that kind of attention. Especially not from the sweet-talking man that has no problem charming every woman that enters his orbit—everyone but her, at least.
Ace isn’t sure why Codie Spears had her panties in a twist when it comes to him, but every snub and insult she hurls his way brings him closer and closer to falling for her.
He’s not sure what it is about the town’s bad girl that draws his attention, but every encounter they have leaves him wanting her until there’s nothing else left to do but have her.
The only thing is, she’s been convinced by everyone around her that she’s not good enough. Tell a person that she’s a piece of trash enough times, and eventually she’ll start to believe it. It’s going to take a lot of smooth-talking and gentling on his part to get her to see that she’s worth it. And once he has her where he wants her? Well, she’ll make a mighty fine rancher’s wife.

RELEASE DATE: January 21, 2020

If his face was anything like his butt, he’d be breathtaking.


“And I don’t fucking care if ya’ll think she’s a troublemaker. She’s my troublemaker.”


Not my first read by the author, she is one of my TOP FAVORITES! And this new Series starts off AH-MA-ZING. If you love Cowboy romance with a tiny, quirky and sassy heroine & a sexy as ever, strong, smart-mouthed cowboy who has a body to die for…this is for you! I am always excited about Lani’s books and this one was one of them!

You have Ace Valentine, a man who wen through so much as a child meaning the incident I can’t say because it will ruin the book, but let’s just say that things he saw and endured, is something that not everyone should in their life. But he grew up to be an amazing man who works hard and has his own. He is strong, works all day and even has side jobs to keep his ranch going with his brothers, until he is met with little Codie who isn’t little no more. Well physically she still is, by god this little one is barely five feet tall. He towers over her by over a foot. See, they both went to high school and have grown up in the same town in TX. Codie was a big trouble maker, hence her leaving but only to come back because of her family. When a 14K Bull is purchased and a trailer needed to be parked….they didn’t know it then but they were made for one another. The story is adorable, in a sense that there is a lot happening, little bit of danger, little bit of enemy to lovers, 2nd chance for sure and small town vibe. You get both POV’s and also some previous Series characters that tie all in.

Rating: ★★★★★
Romance: ♡♡♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Type: Book #1 of Series
Recommended: ☑ HIGHLY!
⇨ H A P P Y – R E A D I N G ⇦

R E V I E W ➠ Divided Interests by Kelly Elliott

(Southern Bride 3)


One house. Two owners.
Kynslee Miller has inherited a house in the small town of Johnson City, Texas. She’s elated to be back and has already started making plans to remodel the one-hundred-year-old home exactly how she remembered it as a little girl. There’s only one problem.
The moment Casten Foster sees the old home sitting on fifty acres of prime land, he has one thing on his mind. Sell it. However, there is one obstacle literally standing in the way of his plan.
Seeing Kynslee standing in the doorway of his grandfather’s old home instantly brought back the feelings he once had for her. The dream of one day marrying her and raising a family in this very house.
Neither is willing to budge on what they want, and soon they find themselves living together in the old home.
The house uncovers many old and hidden secrets, and Kynslee quickly discovers that it wasn’t a mistake they both inherited the house. It was fate.

RELEASE DATE: February 4, 2020

Our hearts hammered, and I had never in my life felt such complete happiness.


Not my first read by the author, she is one of my TOP FAVORITE authors Also I have read Book #1 & #2 in this series.

This one is VERY DIFFERENT, in a good way…just has a lot more happening it feels like. This is a story of Lucas & Paige who have a very long history, since birth type of history. See, Paige grew up around Luca’s family and they even dated when they were in their teens up until college. When everything changed, ultimatums were not issued but taken that way so, not only did things end but on the worse note too. Furious with Lucas, Paige goes out to do what she wanted from life. And Lucas also moves on, but both of them have always been missing something….gah, such a sorrow time because you can tell that their souls belong together but life is life and well, it never works out how you wanted it to.

These two take a huge detour in life, off the joint path that they were destined to be on. This book contains high angst, enemy to lovers, little of friends to lovers also, sizzling but slow burn, healthy jealousy, small town, second-chance that will have you on the edge of the seat because it also contains suspense and mystery. Little historical thrown in there and you have a ON THE EDGE READ that you will NOT see coming! Truly a real life story with a hunt you will never see coming!

Rating: ★★★★★
Romance: ♡♡♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Type: Book #3 of Series
Recommended: ☑ HIGHLY!
⇨ H A P P Y – R E A D I N G ⇦

R E V I E W ➠ Never Enough by Kelly Elliott


Longing to forget the pain of his wife’s death, Brock Shaw has immersed himself in the one thing that lets him escape the guilt. Bull riding. But life on the road means leaving his young son at home with his parents. They want him to give up his career and be a father to his child, but Brock needs the adrenaline to get through each day…or so he thinks.
Lincoln Pratt needs a fresh start. As a top interior designer in Atlanta, she has everything she could ever want, but she’s always at her father’s mercy. Something’s missing, and Lincoln knows she’ll only find it somewhere far away—like the rolling pastures of Hamilton, Montana, where she meets the irresistibly mysterious Brock.
In Brock Shaw, Lincoln sees the part of her that’s missing. In Lincoln Pratt, Brock sees the part of himself he thought he’d lost. But the pain of his past binds him. Can he let himself love again?

RELEASE DATE: December 10, 2019

Convo between BFF Kaylee & Lincoln
“Shut up! Do you see how hot that guy is? Like, look at him. His chest is huge!”
When I saw her wipe her mouth, I couldn’t help but laugh. “Horny much, Kaylee?” “My goodness. Save a horse and ride a Montana cowboy.”

She gave me a warmth I hadn’t experienced in a very long time. A feeling of desire that I don’t thin I’d ever experienced before.

-Brock Shaw

Not my first review by the author & she happens to be on my top favorite authors list so, I was super excited to receive this early ARC! I can’t express how much I LOVED THIS BOOK!! It had everything, enemy to lovers, sizzling romance,sassy heroine, most adorable kid, mystery, twist and the ROMANCE *sigh* not to mention a sexy and rugged cowboy!

Their first meet doesn’t really..yeah I wouldn’t call it romantic but it was equally memorable. Something about when two souls that are meant for one another meet but the brain hasn’t caught up with the memo yet. It was funny, sweet and dark. City girl meets Country Boy! There is so much going on in this bok but everything fit right and flowed smooth! You have the heroine Lincoln who is a city girl but a country girl at heart, not afraid to work and get dirty but even though she left the city to start new, she was still missing something. Then you have the hero Shaw who is beyond broken in all the ways possible. A professional bull-rider and deep deep country boy at heart. He comes with an adorable 5 year old son which I won’t say too much about because you have to read to feel him! The story line is perfect, every single chapter and scene. The side characters like the other brother’s of Shaw and Lincolns best friend Kaylee which YOU. WILL. LOVE. it’s all put together so well and perfect. Hands down my favorite COWBOY ROMANCE of the YEAR! There is so much depth in here, the meaning behind the story is heartbreaking because you have a lot of complex in it but the outcome…may be beautiful but came at a price for sure. Realistic, sexy, mysterious, enemy to lovers but also a little friends to lovers too, slow burn but sizzling and action packed!


Rating: ★★★★★
Romance: ♡♡♡♡♡
Steamy : 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Type: Book #1
Recommended: ☑ HIGHLY!
⇨ H A P P Y – R E A D I N G ⇦

R E V I E W ➠ Roping Your Heart by Fabiola Francisco


Lia Montgomery has been my best friend since we were kids, but when she moves back to our hometown, we can’t ignore the chemistry between us. And I’ve come up with a plan to make her mine.
First on the list? Make her my roommate.
It seems like a great idea at the time, but one look at her in those little pajama shorts and a thin tee shirt, and all I want to do is throw her over my shoulder, caveman style.
Screw the plan.
A simple dare changes everything between us. But when I’m challenged to do the one thing that could tear us apart forever, I realize there’s more at risk than just my heart.

RELEASE DATE: November 14, 2019

New to me author and books!! The blurb was interesting to me so I wanted to give it a try. I love me some second chance romance, always!

Axel is a sexy cowboy who is living simple and still in his hometown. Having had a interesting past, he can never forget about his first true love. Lia. When she comes back into town after having left to basically find herself and live on her own. Axel knows this might be their only other chance and is determined to show Lia how they could have been. But, Lia left for a reason…can they both come together in an understanding and get over their past to be together?

This is a really sweet story. Friends-to-lovers SLOW BURN in the best way. It’s really beautiful to see these two come together, and the fact that Axel is not only tall, dark and handsome but also a cowboy! Mmmhm! But, I dare you Lia!

Rating: 4.5★
Romance: ♡♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Type: Book #2 of Series
Recommended: ☑
⇨ H A P P Y – R E A D I N G ⇦