R E V I E W ➠ Code Name: Hacker by Sawyer Bennett


I’m not the same Bebe Grimshaw I was years ago. The woman I was spent years behind the bars of the highest security women’s prison in the nation, my punishment for hacking nuclear codes as part of a crime syndicate I’d gotten in way too deep with. The woman I am today doesn’t regret what I did, or the fact that I got caught, but I am remorseful for the years I lost with my son, Aaron. Released from my sentence early thanks to Kynan McGrath, I joined his team at Jameson Force Security and now put my skills to use helping people.
I’m just trying to get back a piece of what I lost, focusing solely on raising Aaron and my work at Jameson. As long as I have my son and my career, I’m content. But life has a funny way of letting you know exactly what you need, and when a devastatingly handsome stranger named Griffin befriends Aaron at the park, I have to consider I might be missing something. A part of me that was locked away long ago reawakens, and I find myself looking at Griff in a way I’ve not looked at a man in more than a decade.
Just when I think things are starting to look up, my world is turned upside down. Turns out that meeting wasn’t an accident, and things aren’t going my way at all.
Griffin Moore is the man sent here to kill me.

RELEASE DATE: March 31, 2020

“And I really missed you. I was so worried, but here you are.” “Here I am,” he replies SOFTLY, his smile indicative of just how he likes my words. “And I missed you, too.”

Not my first read by the author, she actually is one of my very firsts many moons ago…so safe to say I am familiar with her writing style, characters and have rea dmany of her books. In this series I have read the previous 1 through 3 books, so something about this one when I realized Griffin and Bebe were getting a story, I was excited for it.

See Bebe spend 7 years in prison for a crime and came out a different woman, she now is only a mother and her number 1 priority at any point, her kid. But her past comes biting her in the ass, the previous Bebe the hacker who could have run the world…she is creeping back up. Her past now comes in the form of Griffin, a man hired by her past to take care of ‘the problem’ but who he meets is a whole different woman.

You won’t be able to NOT fall in love with Bebe, the way she is with her son, her honesty is what I love about her…brutal but honest and to the core. Biggest heart and determination. Eeverything about this, suspense, laughter, sexy and just plain beautiful! Looking forward to more in the series!

Griff continues to kiss his way down my neck with no hesitation whatsoever. His confidence is a complete turn on to me, knowing he wants this and hes taking it without asking.


Rating: ★★★★★
Romance: ♡♡♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Type: Book #4 of Series
Recommended: ☑ HIGHLY ☑
⇨ H A P P Y – R E A D I N G ⇦

R E V I E W ➠ Southern Chance by Natasha Madison


Buried secrets never stay hidden in the South.
I fell in love with him when I was seven. I scraped my knee, and he helped carry me inside.
Our love story was the talk of the town until a woman told everyone she was pregnant with his baby. The only rational solution was to high tail it out of town and never come back.
My best friend needed a place to hide, and you can’t get much more covert than my family farm, so I came back. For her. It was supposed to be temporary, and I wasn’t supposed to see him, but that’s what happens when you live in a small town where everyone knows each other.
Being the sheriff in a small town was never my dream. My father died and my older brother took off, so I had to be the one to look after my mother. I stayed. I fulfilled my duties as a son and I protected my hometown.
My life wasn’t perfect, but I was content. Until I locked eyes with a ghost from my past, Kallie. I thought it was my imagination, it couldn’t be. I loved her most of my life, but now I hated her.
The town gossip mill was going into overdrive. I kept my head down and my mind off of the woman who shattered my heart when she ran away. She didn’t give me a chance to explain, it didn’t matter to her then. I didn’t matter.
A second chance is never promised, but now that mine is right under my nose, I’m not sure I can take it.

RELEASE DATE: March 17, 2020

“I feel like I’m dreaming,” I say, “and I’m afraid I’m going to wake.”


Not my firs read by the author, she is one of my favorites & I was excited for this new series! And boy was I excited…I wasn’t sure what to expect going in and Natasha does not disappoint!

This is a story of a second-chance romance that is do in depth, you’re not going to be able to figure out which emotion to have first. The hero is a boy turned man that only wanted to do the right thing, the selfless thing…to which he did, only at what price! The heroine is a girl turned woman that knows not to be close but also fearing that if she doesn’t lay it to rest, she will never be able to be free. It’s a beautiful and fast pace at times love story that will pull at your heartstrings! I am looking forward to more in this series so much!!

Rating: ★★★★★
Romance: ♡♡♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Type: Book #1 of Series
Recommended: ☑ HIGHLY!
⇨ H A P P Y – R E A D I N G ⇦

Buried secrets never stay hidden in the South.

When you find out that your fiancé is arrested for swindling over ten million dollars from his clients, you do what any sane woman would do. You escape reality and go undercover, trading in your city-girl Louboutins for country-pumpkin cowboy boots.

It wasn’t a forever change—it was temporary. I only had to stay here until things back home got straightened out, or so I thought.


I was riding horses before I was walking, or at least that was what they told me. I always knew I would take over the family farm. It’s in my blood.

Country boy at heart, the minute I saw her dragging her luggage up the gravel driveway I knew she was out of my league.

I shouldn’t have started anything with her, because I knew she was just passing through.


R E V I E W & SIGNED PAPERBACK GIVEAWAY (closed) ➠ Creole Kingpin by Meghan March


The thing about ghosts is they’re supposed to stay dead.
That’s exactly what I am, but I can’t stay away from Magnolia Marie Maison for one more day, let alone another year.
We’ve already got fifteen of those between us.
As it stands, she’ll want to kill me as soon as she lays eyes on me. And knowing her, she’s completely up to the task.
But I’m a man on a mission, and I’ve got everything riding on this.
So, here I come, Magnolia. This ghost is ready for whatever you got.
After all, there’s only one way I want this to end—’til death do us part.

RELEASE DATE: March 10, 2020

Not my first read by the author & yes I have read almost every single of her books! And I have to say that TOP DOWN THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE DUET and I may have said that about her other books but this one tops all, the heroine Magnolia IS MY TOP 2020 FAVORITE HEROINES! Meghan can not do wrong characters, both hero and heroine are explosive together but yet strong alone too. JUST PLAIN AMAZING!

This magnificent book held me captive from page one, through the end. Rest assure that you will be sucked in and will never want to stop reading, the characters, the story line, events, the romance…phenomenal in all senses. Meghan changes your mind about anti-hero’s and you won’t want anything else, I can guarantee that no one would be able to top this.

Magnolia Maison #girlcrushforever this heroine is strong, a fighter, sweet, sassy, survivor and plain beautiful inside out. No wonder Moses didn’t know what hit him. The chemistry between them is mind-blowing, the perfect balance, you just get sucked into them that you’ll forget where you are. The story line, I don’t want to give out too much aside from it not being disappointing, it has a lot of depth, detail and twist and turns.

Plain and simple, Creole Kingpin will sucker punch you, then pick you back up. Phenomenal characters and a heartfelt story…can not wait for Book #2 the conclusion to this beauty! TOP 2020 MUST READ list for me!!

Rating: ★★★★★
Romance: ♡♡♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Type: Book #1 of Duet
Recommended: ☑ HIGHLY!
⇨ H A P P Y – R E A D I N G ⇦

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R E V I E W ➠ Maybe Swearing Will Help by Lani Lynn Vale


Ford Spurlock has known Ashe Trammel since they were babies.
He’s also done his level best to stay away from her because every time he gets to within five feet of her, they’re fighting like cats and dogs.
Ashe is the apple of her father’s eye. The motorcycle club princess that was never to be harmed in any way—or touched for that matter. And he’s always resented the fact that she could get away with things that he couldn’t. Things that she then blames on him and he always gets punished for.
Fast forward to adulthood, and Ashe is still off limits. Still driving him insane. Still…beautiful.
She never misses an opportunity to give him hell, either.
That has to be why he agrees to do a photoshoot for KPD SWAT that’ll benefit her charity even when he’d rather shoot himself in the foot with his duty weapon.
Ashe never thought he’d agree.

Honestly, she thought she’d ask him, he’d say no, and that’d be the end of it.
She never realized that she’d leave his photo up in her cubicle, and it’d be the last thing that she saw every night as she locked her office door.
When they were kids, Ford used to be that boy that threw dirt at her and pulled her hair.
Now, he’s the same Ford Spurlock, only a whole lot sexier. And a lot harder to say no to.
When he challenges her to one date, she has no other recourse but to agree.
What she didn’t agree to was falling in love with Mr. March. Or wanting to give him everything she had to give. 

RELEASE DATE: March 10, 2020

Not my first read by the author and I have read the first book in this series. This one, from the blurb I KNEW I would love because Ford and Ashe were an anticipated couple by me, ever since book one. This did NOT disappointing!

These two were unforgettable. They have know each other since they were little, always used to hate on one another, yell, push, shove…the typical kids stuff. When they got to the teenage years, things started to change for Ashe and every girl Ford went through, she felt that. Until that one girl, that kind of changed everything for Ford too. Going on as they did, always bickering, fighting, daring each other, getting into trouble until a bet. A bet that turns it all around.

Watch these two skirt around each other only to realize that the love part of their love/hate relationship out-wins. I really loved this from the beginning, it’s one of those reads that sticks with you for a long time. I am looking forward to more in this series for sure.

Rating: ★★★★★
Romance: ♡♡♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Type: Book #2 of Series
Recommended: ☑ HIGHLY!
⇨ H A P P Y – R E A D I N G ⇦

R E V I E W ➠ Tease Me by J. Kenner


Entertainment reporter Jamie Archer knew it would be hard when her husband, Stark Security Chief Ryan Hunter, was called away for a long-term project in London. The distance is difficult to endure, but Jamie trusts the deep and passionate love that has always burned between them. At least until a mysterious woman from Ryan’s past shows up at his doorstep, her very presence threatening to destroy everything that Jamie holds dear.
Ryan never expected to see Felicia Randall again, a woman with whom he shared a dark past and a dangerous secret. The first and only woman he ever truly failed.
Desperate and on the run, Felicia’s come to plead for his help. But while Ryan knows that helping her is the only way to heal old wounds, he also knows that the mission will not only endanger the life of the woman he holds most dear, but will brutally test the deep trust that binds Jamie and Ryan together.

RELEASE DATE: March 10, 2020

“Mostly, I love you, Jamie Archer.”
“Jasmie Archer Hunter,” I correct.
“And thank God for that,” he says.

He pulls me close and kisses me, sweet and tender, as if sealing the vow between s all over again.


Not my first read by the author and she is one of my firs reads along with being a top favorite author. That said, yes I have read all of the Stark books from one to lasts. This is Ryan and Jamie story, well another one hehe. And with that I will say this can not be read as a standalone since this couple is already established. It’s a fun and exciting story about a part of their life. Which by the way I love about all this, we get glimpses of their lives after the fact.

It jumps right in of course. When a past of Ryan’s re-appears it really does shake everything up. After a spontaneous trip that Jamie takes, turns into a un-forgetting adventure filled with sizzling moments, mystery, danger, past and trust. Really intense and after my Bestie Amy talked me down with me threatening to throw things at people at the gym if it was what I though it was, I really really enjoyed it.

Rating: ★★★★★
Romance: ♡♡♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Type: Stark International Trilogy #5
Recommended: ☑ HIGHLY!
⇨ H A P P Y – R E A D I N G ⇦

R E V I E W ➠ Wicked As Sin by Shayla Black


He’s ruthless. She’s off-limits. But he’s just met his one weakness… Now nothing will stop him from making her his.
Pierce “One-Mile” Walker has always kept his heart under wraps and his head behind his sniper’s scope. Nothing about buttoned-up Brea Bell should appeal to him. But after a single glance at the pretty preacher’s daughter, he doesn’t care that his past is less than shiny, that he gets paid to end lives…or that she’s his teammate’s woman. He’ll do whatever it takes to steal her heart.
Brea has always been a dutiful daughter and a good girl…until she meets the dangerous warrior. He’s everything she shouldn’t want, especially after her best friend introduces her to his fellow operative as his girlfriend—to protect her from Pierce. But he’s a forbidden temptation she’s finding impossible to resist.
Then fate strikes, forcing Brea to beg Pierce to help solve a crisis. But his skills come at a price. When her innocent flirtations run headlong into his obsession, they cross the line into a passion so fiery she can’t say no. Soon, his past rears its head and a vendetta calls his name in a mission gone horribly wrong. Will he survive to fight his way back to the woman who claimed his soul?

RELEASE DATE: March 3, 2020

Not my first read by the author and she actually was one of my firsts many years ago. I have always loved her books and writing style. I am always honest and even if that means a favorite author of mine wrote something I did not enjoy reading. I think I was more frustrated/annoyed during this book than anything.
I don’t even know where to start on this, so I think I will start with what I did not find attractive to read:

The heroine is younger 22 and innocent. She is a preachers daughter and has family and friends around. I honestly can’t say that I liked her, maybe part of the story but definitely over-all, I did not like her. Immature, indecisive, a push over, christian which is fine but it was A LOT out there, again not that I mind or care to each it’s own but it was a lot, most the time I wanted to shake her to wake up, she reminds me of a little mouse that gets scared and does what other’s say and can’t make up her mind. I couldn’t get into it with her at all.

Before the Hero I’d like to talk about the most ANNOYING and PIT of this book character. Cutter, he is the heroine’s best friend and has been since they were little. At the beginning it was kind of okay he was playing the big brother and protective but then it became repetitive over and over again him protecting her from the hero, him stating he is her boyfriend. I won’t lie but I feel like he was more with the heroine than the hero. Absolutely after the first 3 times of repetitive, no I do not like Cutter.

Now the hero, there actually isn’t much wrong with him aside from the fact that he is a man what knows what he wants and goes after it. But here is the catch: he is going after someone that supposedly belongs to one of his co workers, Cutter. So that of course rubbed me wrong the whole time, it was sweet until I realized that 80% into the book and he still has yet to find out that Cutter is not the heroine’s boyfriend. So this whole time while he and the heroine show up in the book, to me it feels like cheating. And who’s fault is that? the push-over’s heroine of course. So the hero was a 50/50 .

All in all I honestly can’t say that I was able to fully get into it aside from not understanding that a hero and heroine can fall in love with the hero truly has no idea she didn’t belong to another man but to him he though she did yet he still fell in love with her. It was just a mess for me and I will not be reading the conclusion, the way it ended and the EXCERPT you get at the end, I don’t think I can endure her indecisiveness any more. Sad to say because I honestly have never met a book by Shayla I didn’t like. This was not for me, not to say someone isn’t going to love it. To each it’s own it’s why we review, I am just simply pointing out my opinions. That said, I will be reading more by the author just not finishing this one.

The book does contain exciting scenes, steamy one as well, angsty and the whole words were amazing, because Shayla really knows how to write, so aside from my dislikes and no connection, I might have enjoyed it a little more had the heroine not been the way she is in here. Not my flavor or style.

Rating: ★★★
Romance: ♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥
Type: Book #1 of Duo
⇨ H A P P Y – R E A D I N G ⇦

R E V I E W ➠ Kiss The Stars by A.L. Jackson


A single mother.
An up-and-coming drummer with a sordid past.
Their paths never should have crossed.
But when a senseless crime rocks Mia West’s entire world, she agrees to spend the summer hiding out at her rock-star brother’s mansion in Savannah until the storm blows over.
What she never expected was the gorgeous, brooding drummer living in the guest house.
His darkness a lure.
His gaze a trap.
She knows better than to go after what will hurt her most.
Leif Godwin has two focuses in his life: his band, Carolina George, and seeking retribution for what was stolen from him.
Mia was never supposed to be a part of the equation.
Her eyes an appeal.
Her body a temptation.
Touching her is nothing but a sin.
But will loving her destroy them all . . . 

RELEASE DATE: March 5, 2020

“I’m no savior. You can be sure of that. But I’ll gladly stand in the flames if it means keeping you from the fire.”


His kiss was like candy. Crystallized brown sugar. Shark as a knife.


Not my first read by author, she is one of my favorites & I have read all her books! I love LOVE her stand alone’s as much as her series! So I was super excited for this one, the blurb blew me away!! And the beginning…honestly, top favorite meets of hero and heroine!

Mia the heroine is a interesting woman, she is shy, a little thing, beautiful beyond words, a mom and strong. After a failed relationship (by failed i mena crashed and burned, been there done that a few times and had the t-shirt to prove it)I have a love/hate relationship with her and her ex that’s all I am saying. Well while Mia is Lyrik’s little sister (he is the famous ever so singer or I should say rock-star) which bu the way YOU WILL ALSO LOVE. When danger comes knocking on her door, there isn’t anything more she can do then be close to the one person that has always been there for her and always protected her, her big brother. Moving her kids to Georgia, she can’t believe that she stumbles upon the mystery man she met at a LA party she attended at her brother’s. It was a dark meet, two strangers found themselves in the same room, same time, lost but looking for something. One with big daemons daunting him and the other likewise but in a different sense. It was really ‘dark romance’ type of meet I have to say, sensual, sexy, dangerous…she was running away from danger while running towards it’s all in the same.

Leif the hero actually is someone that Mia’s older brother has known for a while but he plays for and with another band. When Lyrik is in a bind, he reaches out to him for an offer Leif can’t refuse. He moves out to Georgia at Lyrik’s property to be close, only to come face to face with his illusion. Illusion because up until know, Leif though he had made her up, made up the scenario that occurred that night, the sizzle, the feelings. What hit him the most is, that she was a mom on top of being off-limits but then that. And you will get more in the story to why I said it like that.

Motherfucking Karma.
She’d moved into my room and taken a seat at the bar, holding her glass in the air in a silent cheer.
She truly was a bitch.


They both just wanted to…to…FEEL something. Aside from theri pasts and the danger, and everything swirling around them…both Lief and Mia can’t deny the connection they have, how the air is more crisp around one another. This truly is magical to read, the feelings and words between the hero and heroine, will give you shivers. But everything beautiful has it’s dark side and this comes in the form of both their past, secrets, little of mystery, suspense and twists. Which ALL are in here, I was so caught up with the book that nothing else around me seemed to exists. Truly an amazing book because Amy the author, is magic with her words. Really don’t want to spoil any more, will say that it contains the right amount of angst, passion and udderly beautiful romance.

Rating: ★★★★★
Romance: ♡♡♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Type: Standalone
Recommended: ☑ HIGHLY!
⇨ H A P P Y – R E A D I N G ⇦

R E V I E W ➠ Surrendering To Him by Hope Jones


She’s an investigative journalist with a heartbreaking past. He’s the badass PI who has her in his sights.
When Phoebe Danvers’s job lands her in danger, local badass and ex-FBI agent turned PI Huxley Carson steps in to save her. The only problem with that is she doesn’t want to be saved. She wants to be left alone to focus on work. Unfortunately, Huxley is determined to help, so she settles on keeping him at arm’s length—something he’s determined not to let her do.
What Phoebe doesn’t know is Huxley has been interested in her for years but never had a way in until now. With the push and pull of their new relationship and danger drawing closer, Phoebe begins to wonder if it’s time to surrender to the man consuming her soul.
Or is it already too late?

RELEASE DATE: March 5, 2020

NEW TO ME AUTHOR and I fell in love with the blurb and the sweet cover, I was not ready for this since it is a new author, do I don’t know their writing style very well. So this is how I felt:

The hero Hux is a big, handsome, alpha, sexy and sweet man…he works a dangerous job but is his own boss and knows how to handle himself. The heroine Phoebe is a sweet, sassy, active (don’t want to use the word hyper) beautiful woman that is a investigative journalist, so it can somewhat be dangerous. After two years of being around one another, Hux and Phoebe essentially first made contact if that makes sense. He pulls her out of a dangerous situation and she is livid pissed at him. This is where they start..and I’ll stop here because I want to explain my feelings towards the heroine…the hero seems calm, alpha, love the way he talks to her or in general and is towards the heroine, she on the other hand kind of grew on me the wrong way: She seems very ping-pong hyper at times and I am left with not knowing that I jumped from one rock to another. There were times I just, it felt off…like one where she was pissed at him for something that I don’t know didn’t seem right to be THAT overly-pissed off about since the hero explained to her from the beginning regarding the item and what he did…so that kind of rubbed me the wrong way. But in the end you do understand that she is a girl that lost everything, and it isn’t easy for her to open up to be hurt again. Aside from that I enjoyed their banter, Hux really is the sweetest and swooniest man especially towards our heroine who is a spit-fire and he tames her. There is quiet angst in here, but the sexy scenes definitely do not disappoint. To me, this was a great potential and enough for me to read more by this new author I discovered, for sure!!

Rating: 4.5★
Romance: ♡♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Type: Standalone
Recommended: ☑
⇨ H A P P Y – R E A D I N G ⇦

R E V I E W ➠ The Right/Wrong Man Aurora Rose Reynolds


Waking up to a text asking why you stood up your blind date is not the best way to start the day especially when the man in question is lying in bed next to you.
Maybe Dakota Newton shouldn’t have assumed that the gorgeous man with a devastating smile, standing out side of the coffee shop was her date.
She probably… Okay, she definitely shouldn’t have slept with him, regardless of how hot the chemistry between them was. But, how could she know that Mr. Right was actually Mr. Wrong.
Brax Adam’s has been called a few things in his life, but a liar was never one of them. That all changes when he’s standing outside a coffee shop and approached by a beautiful woman who thinks he’s there to meet her for a blind date.
As a businessman, Brax knows to trust his gut and never let an opportunity pass him by so he pretends to be someone he’s not.
Maybe he shouldn’t have lied, maybe he should have come clean, but in the end it doesn’t matter because now he has to prove that he’s not the wrong man but the right one.
So what if he’s not the man she’s expecting, she’s the one he’s been waiting for.

RELEASE DATE: March 3, 2020

I’ve been branded from the inside out, and every muscle in my body feels deliciously used.


I realize I might be just as insane as Braxton Adams, and I’m okay with that.


Not my first read by the author, she was my 3rd read every MANY MOONS AGO when I started reading and reading romance. Just so we are clear, I have read every single book of Aurora and re-read them plenty of times to know them like the back of my hand. So she is a #oneclick INSTA-READ author for me. This is something NEW and I am always excited for that from Aurora. New in a sense that it’s not an ‘insta love’ but a very intense amazing new type of Aurora’s writing.

Little about the characters: Dakota the heroine who is an amazing woman that went through a rough patch, being let down and disappointed by the one mans eh thought was the future. When she moves in with her brother Jamie WHO by the way IS FREAKING AMAZING I fell in love with him right away too. So here she is, new everything and agreed to go on a blind date even though she knows she isn’t ready but what the heck, why not. Braxton is our hero who is not only alpha, handsome, sexy, gravely voice, and in charge but a man who see’s what he wants and goes for it. This is a from HER POV only and the bits and pieces you get of the hero you will LOVE.

The way these two met might have been unconventional, but their connection very real and high. They both have to fight their own battles but can’t seem to keep away from one another. It’s just, their banter, the sizzling love, Brax might be a man of very few words but they are powerful, this story will suck you in, and the twist…I did not expect that. A very DARK and SEXY feel of this story. I can’t wait for more and wish there was more haha, hoping Jamie’s story comes very soon!!!!! I definitely need more like this writing from Aurora!

Rating: ★★★★★
Romance: ♡♡♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Type: Book #1
Recommended: ☑ HIGHLY!
⇨ H A P P Y – R E A D I N G ⇦

R E V I E W ➠ Better Than Sexy by Carly Phillips


Insta-love only happens in the movies.
Insta-lust? That she’d buy into.
Until she meets take-charge club owner Landon Bennett and falls head over heels at a glance.

When hot as sin Landon Bennet offers sexy songstress Vivienne Clark a summer residency at his popular Manhattan nightclub, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime and she can’t resist. Add in the man’s obvious interest and seductive attention and life is perfect. Until she puts together the pieces of his past. Fate might have brought them together, but is the intimate relationship they’ve been building strong enough to overcome one painful fact. She’s the sister of the man who killed his twin.

RELEASE DATE: February 25, 2020

Not my first read by the author and I have read the other books in the series! Fell in love with book #1!! I though I’d be ready for it to be over, and this one was intense and full of twist and turns!

Landon is a man of power, with strong friends behind him, watching them fall in love…he is very happy for them but longs to find the same. Vivi is a talented woman who is looking for a break, a break that Landon might be handing her. When they meet, it’s sizzling, when they touch..melting but their pasts just might have more in common then they thing and when Vivi realizes it, she is thrown back far enough to try and get out of Landon’s reach. But Landon is not a quieter and will do anything to have her.

Rating: 4.5★
Romance: ♡♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Type: Book #3 of Series
Recommended: ☑ HIGHLY!
⇨ H A P P Y – R E A D I N G ⇦